HV PM(High voltage power module)

The V5 series Autopilot kit includes the HV PM module. The following mainly describes how to set and use the HV_PM(high voltage power module).


The CUAV HV_PM module is a new high voltage voltage power module independently developed by CUAV with the following features:

  • Higher voltage input: 10v-60v (3s~14s battery)
  • More accurate battery monitor: voltage detection accuracy: +-0.1v; current detection accuracy: +-0.2A
  • Bec (5v) max current: 5A
  • Max (detection) current: 60A
  • Maximum output current(ESC/MOTOR PORT): 60A

Setup through Mission Planner


  • Monitor:Anglog Voltage and Current
  • Sensor:CUAV HV PM
  • APM Ver:CUAV v5 or APM1(V5 series flight control selects CUAV v5)
  • Click on other interface to write parameters
  • Restart mp ground station and flight control

Setup through QGroundcontrol


  • Number of Cells :According to your battery to settings.
  • Full voltage:The voltage of each section, the lithium battery is generally 4.2v
  • Empty voltage:LiPo batteries are generally 3.7v, depending on the battery.
  • Voltage divider: 18
  • A/V:24

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