Pixhackbased on the Pixhawk hardware,The architecture was newly designed by cuav and made by cuav. because the hardware main structure is the same with the pix, so it is fully compatible with PX4 and ArduPilot. PIXHACK optimizes the power chip on the basis of Pix original edition, cuts down unnecessary AUX6 interface, the interface makes adjustment and is optimized, change to front and rear insert line. The main highlights are the IMU's separation design, built-in small general-purpose shock absorbing structure, and the use of a CNC integrated milling process. The anti-jamming performance and stability are qualitatively improved. Pixhack has been through Cuav's one-year-long design. Numerous versions of optimization and testing have achieved stable and ideal results.

Cover all models

The Pixhack V2 is a drone control system built by CUAV that can run PX4 and ArduPilot environments.

Applicable model: plane/copter/helicopters, VTOL, unmanned vehicles, unmanned boats.

Powerful processor

Based on STM32F427 (180MHZ) master and STM32F100 coprocessor.

Redundant design

  • Built-in 2 IMU redundancy designs (including 2 accelerometers, 2 gyros, 1 electronic compass, 1 digital barometer)

  • Supports 3 sets of power supply redundant switching

  • The built-in sensor data fusion mechanism and failover mechanism in the software greatly reduce the chance of crashes caused by flight control.

Enrich expansion

Scalable 1 set of electronic compass, 2 sets of NMEA or UBX standard GPS, CAN bus device (ESC), 2 I2C devices (smart battery, status light, optical flow smart camera, laser sensor, ultrasonic sensor, etc.)

Built-in shock absorber system

Separate design of sensor and main board, built-in high-performance shock absorption system, Able to adapt to a variety of severe environments
pixhack imu

Technical specifications

Hardware parameters
Mian Processor STM32F427
Failsafe co-processor STM32F100
Accelerometer 3 LS303D\MPU6000
Gyro 3 L3GD20\MPU6000
Compass 2 LS303D
Barometer 2 MS5611
Mavlink UART 2 (with hardware flow control)
Remote signal input protocol PPM/SBUS/DSM/DSM2
RSSI PWM or 3.3 analog voltage
I2C 2
CAN Standard bus 1
ADC input 3.3V X1 , 6.6V X1
PWM output Standard 8 PWM IO + 5 Programmable IOs
Support models
Plane / copter / helicopter / VTOL / rover etc.
Working environment and physical parameters
PM working voltage 4.5 ~ 5.5 V
USB voltage 5.0 V +- 0.25v
Servo voltage 4.8~5.4V
working temperature -10 ~ 60°c
Length x width x height 68*44*17
Weight 63g

Interface cognition

pixhck connection

1.Main status led

2.boot led

3.Safe switch

4.DSM remote control signal + ADC6.6 interface

5.GPS+COMPASS interface

6.Digital interface

7.Bus expansion interface

8.DEBUG interface + GPS2 interface

9.POWER IV sensor interface

10.Micro USB interface

11.TF card interface

12.FMU STM32F4 restart button

13.IO STMF100 restart button

Interface definition

pixhack Interface

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