CUAV Cloud V2.0

From July 21, 2020, CUAV Cloud will be upgraded to version 2.0, which will bring team management functions; make team collaboration more convenient;


CUAV Cloud v2.0 is a complete set of Internet drone communication solutions for drone networking communication + team collaboration; it includes networking equipment and CUAV cloud software applications; existing networking devices include LTE LINK and Airlink; CUAV Cloud software includes CUAV GS and Feigong transmission; through CUAV Cloud V2.0, you can not only realize the infinite distance communication of drones (including video + drone control); you can also connect the management center or monitoring center to UAV pilots work collaboratively; widely used in fire safety, petrochemical inspections, power line inspections, traffic inspections and other application scenarios.

CUAV Cloud V2.0 is temporarily not compatible with feigong ground stations and UAV HUB; please use feigong transparent transmission or CUAV GS application.



Working model(

Working model

Traffic inspection


CUAV Cloud V2.0 adopts one-session dual-key method for double verification of data interaction to ensure the security of your drone data and video; and by purchasing privatization services, the server will be transplanted to your private server. The physical level isolates your drone data and video from the public network to meet the needs of special application scenarios (such as public security and firefighting, etc.).



Team collaboration is a new feature of cuav Cloud V2.0; by creating a team; team members can view the drone's data and video in real time at the same time; the monitoring or command center can view the drone's flight data and video in real time; Inform the pilot of the shooting area of the flying target; the monitoring or command center and the pilot can work together; it can make the work more efficient and the effect better.

Authority management

Permission rights are the security guarantee for teamwork. Administrators and team members are team roles; managers, pilots, and observers are device management permissions; administrators are device managers; members can be assigned different device management roles (only There is a pilot).
Team function:

  • Users can create teams, and each account can only create one team;
  • The team name is unique and does not distinguish between upper and lower case in English;
  • Users can join a team created by other users, and each user can only join one team (not including the team created by yourself, that is, the team created by yourself + the team of others = 2);
  • The creator of the team is the administrator of the team. You can invite other users to join the team through their mobile phone number or email address (only 1 person can be invited);
  • A team can only bind up to 5 4G link terminals;

All roles are for 4G link terminals, and each 4G link terminal that joins the team has 4 users corresponding to the roles;
-Owner: It is the administrator of the team, that is, all 4G links added to the team. The default owner role is the administrator of the team and has the authority of 4G link manager, and it is not allowed to modify this role;
-Manager: Bind the 4G link to the members of the team, the default is the manager of the 4G link, you can modify the notes of the 4G link, transfer the manager authority to other members of the team, and modify the pilot role. Unbind the terminal;
-Pilot: can fully control the drone connected with the 4G link
-Observer: You can only watch the drone flight information and video information when you want to (the video transmission quality cannot be changed)

See the table below for detailed permissions:

The person who binds the device is the administrator by default; the administrator is the device manager by default.

Supported hardware


Supported ground station


Feigong transmission is a software application of the Windows system that can forward data and video to your ground station. It only needs your ground station to support MAVlink data and H265 video streams blocked by RTP; you can also use mission Planner or QGC ground station; you can also forward the video to players such as VLC for playback.

Deploy to your server

Standard Edition Private Cloud Edition
Real-time data support support
Real-time video Depends on the connected device Depends on the connected device
Manage equipment support support
Remote control support support
Management platform not support support
Number of teams created 1 commission
Number of team members 2 commission
Team binding device data 5 commission
join the team 1 commission
Server maintainer CUAV user
Service charge free Please contact CUAV sales for a quote

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