CUAV XBEE Over the horizon data transmission module


CUAV XBEE Radio is a high-power, high-speed, high-reception sensitivity data transmission module

It has a built-in S3B RF module from the United States DIGI company, transmitting power up to 250mW, ISM 900MHZ legal frequency, supporting a variety of advanced network options and topology modes

The CUAV XBEE Radio module offers an unprecedented range of low-cost wireless data solutions. This module is easy to use and is especially suitable for unmanned unit networks and point-to-point over-the-horizon transmission, providing stable, critical data transmission between drones and equipment. Their small size saves valuable on-board space.

xbee radio


Ultra high receiving sensitivity

Highest -110dBm Receiver Sensitivity in Low Rate Mode

Long distance

The low-speed mode supports up to 14km.

High speed

Up to 200k air speed

CNC integrated shell

Aerospace aluminum alloy one-piece CNC housing, lightweight, strong, beautiful and anti-jamming


CUAV® xbee
frequency range 902 ~ 928 MHz
processor ADF7023 transceiver,Cortex-X3 EFM32G230@28Mhz
Programmers include:Freescale MC9s08QE32
Antenna selection wire.U.FlL and RPSMSA
data rate 10kbps/200Kbps(De acuerdo con diferentes tasas de firmware,,tacitly approve 200k)
Urban / indoor distance 10kbps: Up to 2000 feet (610 meters); 200kbps: Up to 1000 feet
Outdoor/Suburban Distance 10kbps: up to 15.5km 200kps: up to 6.5k meters
Maximum power 24dBM (250mw) software optional
Receiver sensitivity -101dBM@200Kpds ;-110dBm@10kbps
Data interface UART(3V).SPI
GPIO 15 digital iO, 4 10-bit ADC inputs, 2 PWM outputs
Network Topology DIgiMEsh, relay, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, peer-to-peer network
Spread spectrumFHSS (software optional)
internal storage 32kb FLASH/2kb RAM
CPU clockUp to 50MHZ
service voltage 4-7v
Emission current 229mA
Receive current 44ma
Sleep current 3uA
Management agency certification
FCC(America) MCQ-XB900HP
iC(Canada) 1846A—XB900HP
C-tick(Australia) yes
Anatel(Brazil) yes
IDA(Singapore) yes

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