Use tutorial

pw link2

connect to flight control

Use the dedicated data cable to connect the line of PW_LINK to the RADIO/TELEM interface of the flight control (radio rx pin connection flight control tx pin, radio tx pin connection flight control rx pin).

connection Mission Planner

Specific steps are as follows:

  1. The computer uses a wireless network card to connect to the network CUAVWlink_XXXXXX, password cuavwlink;

  2. Open the Mission Planner software, select the option UDP in the upper right corner, and click the Connect button;

  3. Finally, in the popup port edit field, enter 14550, click OK;

  4. Wait for data reception to complete;

Note: Some users report that the computer is connected to the PW-Link network, but the Mission Planner cannot receive data. The reason for this problem is because you have disabled network permissions.

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