CUAV SX RADIO Over View Data Transfer Module


CUAV SX Radio is a high-power, high-speed, high-reception sensitivity data transmission module

It has a built-in SDI RF module from DIGI, USA, with a transmit power of 1000mw and an ISM 900MHZ legal frequency, supporting a variety of advanced network options and topology modes.

The CUAV SX Radio module offers an unprecedented range of low-cost wireless data solutions. This module is easy to use, especially suitable for unmanned unit networks and point-to-point over-the-horizon transmission, providing stable, critical data transmission between drones and equipment. Their small size saves valuable on-board space.


High power and adjustable

Launch power adjustable from 1mw-1000mw

Ultra High Receiver Sensitivity

Highest receiver sensitivity of -113 dBm in low-rate mode

Super Long Distance

Low-speed mode supports up to 64km

Security Encryption

Supports 256-bit AES encryption for secure data communications

CNC integrated shell

Aerospace aluminum alloy one-piece CNC housing, lightweight, strong, beautiful and anti-jamming


Frequency range 902 ~ 928 MHz
Transmitted power(Software selection) up to 30 dBm
CHANNELS 10 frequency hopping sequences share 50 frequency points
RF date rate Low data rate:10 kb/s;,
Intermediate data rate:110kb/s;
high data rate:250 kb/s
Maximum data volume 120kb/s
Available channel frequency Low and medium data rates:101;
high data rate:50
Receiver sensitivity Low data rate:-113 dBm;
Medium data rate:-106 dBm;
high data rate:-103 dBm
Ideal environment transmission distance Low data rate:Up to 64km
Urban distance Low data rate:18km
Network and security
Modulate Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying
FHSS Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
Net topology Point-to-point
network relay
Encrypt 256bits AES
Power System
Operating Voltage 4.75~5v
Receive current 40mA
Transmission current 900mA@30dBm;
Sleep current 2.5uA
Size 52*39*16MM(no antenna)
Weight 39g(no antenna);</br>60g(include)
Antenna interface RPSMA
Interface Protocol TTL(UART)
Operating temperature -40°C to 85°C
United States certification FCC ID: MCQ-XBPSX
Canadian certification IC: 1846A-XBPSX
Australian certification RCM

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