Compliance Mission

[!warning] CUAV series products are born for the benefit of human beings, and shall not be used in war, and shall not be used to threaten human life and dignity; the use of CUAV products should follow the laws and regulations of the location, [the database] ( contains specific countries /region information

The following measures are common means of compliance for drones:

Drone Flight Permit/Airspace

Obtaining a flight permit from the local aircraft regulatory agency or applying for exclusive airspace is an effective way to fly legally. Apply to the governing body for the right to use the airspace, as the CUAV has done.

Real-name registration of drones

In some regions or countries (such as China), real-name registration of drones is necessary.


[!NOTE] A label with a unique serial number is attached to the side of the CUAV flight controller.

Drone License

Some countries and regions require pilots to have a drone pilot license. aoap

Production and Export Restrictions

CUAV factory has ISO9001-2015 quality system certification, and most of the products have obtained CE and FCC certification. For drones, most countries have banned the import of drones; but allowed the import of drone components like CUAV autopilots.


Remote ID

Remote ID is becoming a legal requirement in the US or some other countries.

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