CUAV P8 Radio



P8 Radio is a remote data transmission module for drones; it has a remote data transmission capability; a transmission rate of up to 375Kbps; supports point-to-point, relay communication and other working modes.

Technical Specifications

working frequency 840~845Mhz
Spreading Method Frequency Hopping/Fixed Frequency、Transparent transmission、GMSK、 2GFSK、4GFSK、QPSK
Forwarding error detection Hamming, BCH, Golay, Reed-Solomon, Viterbi
error detecting 32 bits of CRC, ARQ
Range Reference distance: 40km
(The transmission distance is different under different environments/configurations, please refer to actual use)
Transit power 100mw~1000mw(20~30dBm); default:1000mw
sensitivity -109 dBm @ 115.2 kbps
-108 dBm @ 172.8 kbps
-106 dBm @ 230.4 kbps
Antenna gain 3DBi
serial interface 3.3V CMOS TTL
Baud rate 300bps to 230kbps(default:57600)
Link Rate 345kbps Max
Operating Modes Point-to-Point
Repeat Mode
Operating Voltage 12V~60V
Power consumption Sleep: < 1mA (Future) Idle: 20mA
Rx: 45mA to 98mA
Tx Peak: 2A
Interface Antenna: SMA inner needle
Weight 64.6mm×39.7mm×16.5mm
Size 55g(No antenna);
Operating temperature -40°C~85°C


CUAV Store


P8 pinout

Connection with Flight Control

P8 connect

  • PixHack: Radio Interface Plugged into Flight Control

  • Pixhawk: plug into the flight controller's telem1 or telem2 interface

  • V5+/V5 NANO/X7 series: Use dedicated wiring to connect the flight control TELEM1/TELEM2 interface and the data transmission Data interface.

Ground Station Connection

For Mission planner

Please select 57600 baud rate when connecting. Note whether the driver is installed correctly and whether the port number is selected.

mission planner

For QGroundcontrol

It should automatically connect after being recognized by QGroundcontrol.

More information

Users manual

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