CUAV P9 Radio


P9 Radio is CUAV's new long-range drone data link communication module. It has high power, high speed and high receiver sensitivity, which is very suitable for UAV communication system.

P900 pinout


  • Up to 60KM long-distance transmission.
  • Support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, relay communication and other communication methods.
  • 3~12s wide voltage input.
  • Aviation CNC aluminum alloy body.
  • Support high-speed frequency hopping technology, anti-interference.

Technical Specifications

Working frequency 902-928 MHz
Transmission technology Frequency Hopping
Transfer Protocol Transparent transmission
Forwarding error detection Hamming /BCH/Golay/Reed-Solomo
Error detecting Error Detection 32 bits of CRC, ARQ
Encrypt Optional (see –AES option)
Range - Limit distance: 60km (high-gain antenna + unobstructed seaside)
- Reference distance: 40km(The transmission distance is different under different environments/configurations, please refer to actual use)
Sensitivity -110 dBm @ 115.2 kbps
-108 dBm @ 172.8 kbps
-107 dBm @ 230.4 kbps
Output power 100mW - 1W (20-30dBm)
Serial interface 3.3V CMOS TTL
Antenna gain 5DBi
Baud rate UP to 230.4kbps;
Link Rate 115 - 276 kbps
Operating Modes Auto Routing, Store and Forward,Self Healing, Packet Routing Modes
Operating Voltage 12V-60V
Power consumption Sleep < 1mA
Idle < 3.5mA
RX : 35mA ~ 80mA
TX :800mA ~ 1200mA
Interface Serial:GHR-06V-S
Antenna:SMA inner needle
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Humidity 5% ~ 95%(Non-condensing)
Size 5g(No antenna);
Weight 65mmx40mmx16.5mm


CUAV store


P900 pinout

Connection with Flight Control


  • PixHack: Radio Interface Plugged into Flight Control

  • Pixhawk: plug into the flight controller's telem1 or telem2 interface

  • V5+/v5 nano/X7/X7 PRO/NORA : Green connector is connected flight controller, white connector is connected to digital transmissio

Ground Station Connection

For Mission planner

Please select 57600 baud rate when connecting. Note whether the driver is installed correctly and whether the port number is selected.

mission planner

For QGroundcontrol

It should automatically connect after being recognized by QGroundcontrol.

More information

Users manual

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