CPDB Pro is a board that integrates a power monitor and a splitter. It has the characteristics of high accuracy and high working voltage. It is mainly used in Copter drones.



  • Support higher input voltage: 10V-60V (3S-14S battery)
  • More accurate voltage and current monitor
  • Maximum 5A power output(bec)
  • Maximum 60A current
  • Provides 5V5A and 12V4A interfaces

The main function:

  1. Provides 5V and 12V BEC dual-channel power supply, which can simultaneously supply power to mission-mounted equipment such as autopilots and pods.
  2. Measure the current voltage and output an analog signal to the autopilot
  3. Detect the current system current and output an analog signal to the autopilot.
  4. 8-way power splitter.

Data sheet

Data sheet
Operating Voltage 10~60V(3-14s Lipo
Current(MAX) 60A
Current error +-0.2A
voltage error +-0.1V
Interface current
12V out 4A
5V out 2A
FC power 5A
Interface type
Battery XT60
12V out
5V out
FC Power
Weight 35g



Monitor settings(Missiplanner)

Power module settings for V5 series autopilot(Ardupilot)

Monitor settings(QGoundControl)

Power module settings for V5 series autopilot(PX4)

[!NOTE] The setting method of CPDB Pro power management module is the same as that of HV_PM power module.

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