C-Compass is a high-performance industrial anti-interference magnetometer; it integrates a vehicle-grade RM3100 electronic compass and supports the DroneCAN protocol, widely used in unmanned systems such as PX4 or ArduoPilot as an external compass to eliminate magnetic field interference from internal components (cables, batteries, motors e.g.).


  • Low noise, low temperature drift, high resolution car grade RM3100 electronic compass
  • Advanced magnetic filtering algorithm can effectively eliminate magnetic interference and accurately measure the heading of the device
  • Self-developed M4C software architecture, rapid customization and development
  • DroneCan bus protocol, supports open source platforms such as PX4/ArduPilot

Data sheet

Sensor RM3100
Software Architecture CUAV M4C
Protocol DroneCan/UAVCAN
Communication rate 2Mb
Refresh rate 80Hz
Noise 15nT
Accuracy 0.25° (effective value)
Repetition accuracy 0.05°
Resolution 0.01°
Sensitivity 13nT
Range -800 μT to +800 μT
Controller type PX4/ArduPilot(CUAV/Pixhawk e.g.)
Interface GHR-04V-S
Operating Voltage 4.75-5.3V
Operating temperature -20 to 80℃
Operating humidity 5%~95% (non-condensing)
Casing material Aluminum alloy
Weight 13g



Hardware connection and installation


[!TIP] Mount the module away from high-power devices such as motors, ESCs, and batteries, using M2 screws to secure it to the body.

Users guidance

Enabling the C-COMPASS magnetometer requires setting different parameters depending on the controller's firmware type.

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