SKYE airspeed family

The SKYE series intelligent airspeed meter is an industrial-grade differential pressure measurement module independently developed and designed by CUAV. It is widely used in Planer, VTOL and other vehicles to achieve accurate measurement of vehicle airspeed (relative to airspeed) to keep the aircraft in a suitable flight speed range and prevent it from entering a stall state and crashing.

Model features

Item SKYE2 Nano SKYE
Protocol Drone Drone
Sensor DLVR_L10D MS5525
Measurement speed ±180km/h ±500km/h
Accuracy ±1% ±0.69Pa
Temperature measurement - -20℃ to 125℃
Heater - Resistive heating*2
Humidity measurement - 0-100%
Operating Voltage 4.74-5.3V 12-34V
Size 32mm/23mm/16.5mm 82.5mm/30.4mm/28.2mm
Weight 15g 22g
Protection level - IP54(This can only be achieved after installation as required)

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