Pixhack LED status lights (RGB three-color status lights)

Red and blue alternately flashing: Initialize the sensor, please balance the autopilot board

Blue flashing: locked state (satisfaction with auto-steady mode unlockable condition), but GPS has not yet succeeded in 3D FIX. If the autopilot mode requires GPS positioning, it will Failed to arm.

Blue is always on:The Autopilot have been Arm but no GPS

Flashing green: The Autopilot have been Arm (and meets unlockable conditions), GPS is also 3D FIX locked.

Fast flashing green: Search for high-precision SBAS GPS satellites. The Autopilot the locked state (and satisfies the unlockable condition), GPS is also 3D FIX.

Green is always on - The buzzer emits a long beep: The aircraft is unlocked and ready to take off

Double flashing yellow light: Unsuccessful arm (check Pre-Arm error message)

Flashing yellow alone: ​Failsafe activated

Yellow blue flashing: - High - High - High (low buzzer) (dah-dah-dah-doh): GPS fault or GPS failsafe activation

Red yellow flashing: disable Kalman filter or inertial navigation (error)

Purple yellow flashing: barometer fault

Solid red: Hardware error. Usually no TF card (reinsert TF card or replace), MTD device or IMU sensor is detected. You can view boot directory information for BOOT.txt.

Steady red, SOS sound: SD card lost or SD card format error After the power is turned on, no lights are on. Firmware/firmware lost; SD card lost or SD card malformed (ac3.4 or higher firmware)

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