PixHack NANO Autopilot


Pixhack NANO is a miniature autopilot designed and manufactured by CUAV. The board is based on the FMUv4 open hardware design. It is fully compatible with PX4 and ArduPilot firmware. Mainly used for micro-unmanned aerial vehicles (copter/plane/helicopters).

The shell adopts aerospace aluminum alloy CNC molding process, the size is only 34X57MM, and the high-performance IMU inner damping system is realized in a narrow space.

6 PWM outputs, 2 mavlink devices, 2 GPS positioning systems, I2C device expansion, CAN device expansion, IV voltage current sensor, debug interface

Built-in CM-20608 (six-axis sensor)\HMC5983L (three-axis electronic compass)\MS5611 (high-precision digital barometer) new high performance combination IMU.


Powerful processor

Based on STM32F427 (180MHZ) master

Optimized design

  • abundant precision sensors (including accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, digital barometer)

  • The built-in sensor data fusion mechanism and failover mechanism in the software greatly reduce the chance of crashes caused by flight control.

Rich expansion

Scalable 1 set of electronic compass, 1 smart battery, 2 sets of NMEA or UBX standard GPS, CAN bus device (ESC), 2 I2C devices (smart battery, status light, optical flow smart camera, laser sensor, ultrasonic sensor, etc. )

Built-in shock absorber system

Separate design of sensor and main board, built-in high-performance shock absorption system, Able to adapt to a variety of severe environments

Technical specifications:

Hardware parameters
Main Processor Processor STM32F427
Accelerometer ICM-20608
Gyro ICM-20608
Compass HMC5983
Barometer MS5611
Mavlink UART 2(Hardware flow control)
Remote control signal input protocol PPM/SBUS/DSM/DSM2
RSSI PWM or 3.3 analog voltage
I2C 1
CAN Standard bus 1
ADC input 6.6V X1
PWM ouput standard 6 PWM IO
Support model
Plane / copter / helicopter / VTOL / rover etc.
Working environment and physical parameters
PM working voltage 4.5 ~ 5.5 V
USB voltage 5.0 V +- 0.25v
Servo voltage 4.8~5.4V
working temperature -20 ~ 60°c
Long X Wide X High 57*34*17mm
Weight 40g

About NANO


1: Status LED

2: POWER PM module

3: D-BUS data expansion interface

4: GPS2+DEBUG interface

5:radio data transmission interface

6: GPS+ compass interface

7: Start LED

8: micro USB

9: TF memory card

Interface definition:

nano Interface

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