Pixhawk v6x Wiring Quick Start

This quick start guide shows how to power the Pixhawk V6X® flight controller and connect its most important peripherals.

This article only describes the hardware connection, you may also want to read the following chapters.



Wiring Chart Overview

The image below shows how to connect the most important sensors and peripherals (except the motor and servo outputs). We'll go through each of these in detail in the following sections.


Main interface Function
POWER C1 Please connect CAN PMU SE to this interface; this interface is connected to UAVCAN power module
POWER C2 Please connect CAN PMU SE to this interface; this interface is connected to UAVCAN power module
POWER 1 Connect SMbus(I2C) power module
POWER 2 Connect SMbus(I2C) power module
GPS&SAFETY Connect Neo series GPS/C-RTK 9PS, including GPS, safety switch, buzzer interface.
GPS2 Connect GPS/RTK module
UART 4 Support user customization
TELEM1/TELME2/TELEM3 Connect telemetry or mavlink devices
TF CARD SD card for log storage (card pre-inserted in factory).
M1~M8 PWM output from IO , connecting to ESC and Servo
A1~A8 Form FMU,Can be defined as PWM/GPIO; supports Bdshot; used to connect camera shutter/hot shoe, servo, etc.
USB Connect to a computer for communication between the flight controller and the computer, such as loading firmware.
CAN1/CAN2 Connect Dronecan/UAVCAN devices such as NEO3 Pro.
DSM/SUB/RSSI Includes DSM, SBUS, RSSI signal input interface, DSM interface can be connected to DSM satellite receiver, SBUS interface to SBUS remote control receiver, RSSI for signal strength return module
PPM Connecting the PPM RC Receiver
ETH Ethernet interface, you can connect Ethernet devices such as task computers.
AD&IO There are two analog inputs (ADC3.3/ADC6.6); generally not used

Vehicle Front

[!NOTE] If the controller cannot be mounted in the recommended/default orientation (e.g. due to space constraints) you will need to configure the autopilot software with the orientation that you actually used: Flight Controller Orientation.(for PX4 firmware, for Ardupilot firmware).


We recommend that you use Dronecan/UAVCAN GPS/RTK (such as Neo 3 pro); you only need to connect it to the CAN 1/2 interface; you can also use an ordinary GPS/RTK module; connect it to the GPS interface; it is commonly used now The GPS module generally integrates GPS, compass, safety switch, buzzer, and LED status light. The GPS module should be installed on the bracket and far away from other electronic devices. The installation direction is towards the front of the carrier (the NEO GPS arrow is in the same direction as the flight control arrow)

[!NOTE] Pixhawk V6X® is not compatible with the buzzer inside NEO V2 GPS, NEO3/NEO 3Pro is recommended.

Radio Control

For your flight safety, it is recommended that whether you fly manually or automatically, please connect the handheld remote control (it can be used as an emergency machine, unless you are not proficient in operating the handheld remote control).

  • For DMS/SBUS receivers, connect to the DSM/SBUS interface.
  • For PPM receivers, connect to the PPM interface.
  • For receivers of other protocols, please read Ardupilot Radio Control Systems.



Pixhawk V6X® is equipped with CAN PMU lite module, it supports 3~14s lithium battery, please connect the 6pin connector of the module to the flight control Power C1Power C2 interface


[!TIP] When the Pixhawk v6x runs Ardupilot, it's plug-and-play and requires no additional setup; When running PX4, set it according to [Power Module Setup (PX4)] (px4-users-manual.md#pm).

Telemetry (Radio) system

Using the telemetry system you can communicate with the drone through the ground station software. Monitor and control drones in flight. The airborne end of the telemetry system should be connected to the TELEM1/TELEM2/TELEM3 interface.

SD Card

The SD card is already installed on Pixhawk V6X® when it leaves the factory, so you don't need to install it.


The motor/servo system is connected to the M1~M8/A1~A8 ports in the order specified for your carrier in the fuselage reference.


Servo power supply

Pixhawk V6X® does not supply power to the servos. You need to use an external BEC to connect to the positive and negative ports of any one of M1~M8/A1~A8 to supply power to the servos.

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