CUAV Cloud V2.0

From July 21, 2020, CUAV Cloud will be upgraded to version 2.0, which will bring team management functions; make team collaboration more convenient;


CUAV Cloud, solution based on Internet UAV remote communication and management. Use UAV to load CUAV Cloud link series products, Connect 4G/5G network to transmit flight data and video data, use FeiGong Transmission destop app or CUAV GS Android app, multi-person cooperative remote control of aircraft, support multiple drones simultaneously operation, remote control and real-time data/video and video transmission. It is very suitable for the inspection tasks of power grids, construction sites, parks, ports and other places.

CUAV Cloud V2.0 is temporarily not compatible with non-attack ground stations and UAV HUB; please use non-attack transparent transmission or CUAV GS application.

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