Create a QuadPlane

Putting together QuadPlane requires careful planning. This page will provide you with general guidance on the design principles of QuadPlanes that will help you build.

General rules

A variety of fixed-wing aircraft can be converted to have vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. Although the ArduPilot uses the QuadPlane name for these aircraft, it is not limited to the QuadCopter motor layout. Four-axis, six-axis, three-axis, eight-axis, and eight-axis can be used with almost QuadPlane together

Some of the key factors for success are:

  • A fixed wing frame that can carry the weight of a multi-climbing elevator motor and power system, and enough power in any required payload hoisting motor not only the total weight of the fuselage but also the additional force that the wing downforce may cause load.
  • Ensure that there is no object obstruction in the area above and below the propeller of the multi-axis motor to ensure that they achieve sufficient aerodynamic thrust.
  • The smallest wing twists and bends so that the motor always provides thrust vertically
  • The sturdy mounting system of the lifting motor minimizes the air resistance of the lifting motor and the frame. The matching of suitable motors, ESCs, batteries, and propellers is very important.

Create a log

Here are some of the QuadPlanes build logs that can help you build your own ideas.

Porter OctaQuadPlane build
porter QuadPlane Version

PerthUAV Mozzie Version
If you want to add your own version to this list, please contact the ArduPilot development team.

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