QuadPlane Flight mode

The QuadPlane code is based on the fixed wing master firmware but there are 5 additional modes:

Mode 17: QSTABILIZE (eg Helicopter Stability Mode)

Mode 18: QHOVER (like helicopter altitude maintenance mode)

Mode 19: QLOITER (eg Helicopter LOITER)

Mode 20: QLAND (eg helicopter LAND)

Pattern 21: QRTL (like Copter RTL)


If your GCS (Ground Station) does not have these modes, you may need to set the FLTMODE* parameters for these modes to the corresponding numeric values.

The only real difference in the transition between the fixed wing and the QuadPlane flight is described below.


The landing detection logic in the QLOITER mode is not as complex as the landing detection logic in the Copter, so if you have gps positioning on the ground in the QLOITER mode, the plane may tip over because it tries to keep the ground on contact position. It is recommended that you switch to QHOVER or QSTABILIZE once it lands, as these are not affected by GPS movements.

Please avoid the following flight modes:

  • ACRO
    (stunt mode)

    (Fixed-wing stabilization mode)


Because the rotors of the vertical take-off and landing gears are linked with the fixed wing parts, this means that the autopilot needs to know the speed and attitude of the flying hand. In these modes, the pilot joystick input is not enough to inform the flight controller of what speed and attitude it needs. In these modes, the vertical take-off and landing logic is not used on four motors. These modes also make log analysis difficult. Please use FWBA mode instead.

In manual mode, the rotor motor is also disabled (stop immediately), so do not switch to fixed-wing manual mode in multi-axis mode.

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