QuadPlane parameter settings

All QuadPlane specific parameters begin with the "Q_" prefix. These parameters are very similar to the equivalent Copter parameter, so if you are familiar with setting up QuadPlane you should find it easy.

The key parameters are:

To enable the QuadPlane feature, you need to set the Q_ENABLE parameter to 1 and refresh the parameter list

The Q_THR_MIN_PWM and Q_THR_MAX_PWM parameters for setting the four-motor PWM range (this allows them to be different from the range of the forward motor). These need to be set according to your ESC expectations.

The most critical adjustment parameters are Q_A_RAT_RLL_P and Q_A_RAT_PIT_P. These defaults are 0.25, but you may find that QuadPlane requires significantly higher values.

The Q_M_SPIN_ARMED parameter is the idle speed after unlocking the multi-axis motor and can be modified as needed

It is recommended that you set ARMING_RUDDER to 2 to allow unlocking using rudders (ie consistent with multi-axis unlocking).

You can use MANUAL as one of your available flight modes (because this will turn off the four-wheel motor). Please be careful not to use hard left rudder and zero throttle when flying, or it may cause your motor to remove safety hazards.

The Q_THR_MID parameter is important for smooth transitions. It defaults to 500, which means hovering throttling 50%. If your aircraft requires more or less than 50% throttle, please adjust. This will prevent throttle fluctuations during the transition when the altitude controller learns the correct throttle level. note:

The vertical take-off and landing gear needs GPS lock to unlock normally. Please do not try to fly indoors.

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