Vertical take-off (VTOL) ESC calibration method

  • Please make sure the hardware and remote control calibration is completed before calibration
  • Remove the propeller (must be removed, safety first)

  • Plug in the USB connection to the Mission Planner, but do not plug in the battery.

  • Open all parameter list interface and change parameter Q_ESC_CAL to 1 and click Write in

  • Switch aircraft mode to QStabilize mode

  • Unlock safety switch

  • Use remote control to unlock aircraft

  • Push the remote control throttle up to the maximum and plug in the battery to power the aircraft.

  • Hear the electric tone to send out the music sound, wait for the electric tone to squeak twice, receive the lowest throttle within 2s.

  • Hear the low confirmation tone and complete.

  • Reboot (Q_ESC_CAL will change back to 0 on reboot).

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