QuadPlane summarize

The QuadPlane is a vertical take-off and landing machine. This aircraft has the functions of vertical take-off and landing as a combination of fixed-wing and multi-rotor, and can also increase the speed and range of flight, and has the ability to hover and perform helicopter-like missions at the destination.

The QuadPlane is based on a fixed wing and adds 4 to 8 vertical motor controls. Additional modes and commands enable the QuadPlane to take off, land and fly like a helicopter, and smoothly transition between fixed-wing and helicopter modes in automatic and autopilot assist modes. Additional motors can also provide lift and stability in normal fixed-wing mode.

Install the firmware

Vertical take-off and landing machine firmware: AP3.5.0 and above fixed-wing versions support vertical take-off and landing gear. When you install the fixed wing firmware and view the parameter list, you will see the Q_ENABLE parameter. Default is zero and QuadPlane support is disabled. Setting Q_ENABLE to 1 enables QuadPlane support. Then you need to refresh the parameter list to see all the other QuadPlane options. All QuadPlane specific parameters begin with Q_.

Hardware calibration

The hardware of the vertical take-off and landing machine is a combination of multi-rotor and fixed-wing. Please familiarize yourself with the multi-rotor of the fixed-wing machine before use. The hardware of the vertical take-off and landing machine is described in the fixed-wing tutorial except for the references in this document.

Fixed Wing Tutorial: http://doc.cuav.net/tutorial/plane/

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