1、Can C-RTK 2 HP be used as a RTK base?

  • C-RTK2 HP is not designed as a base station, and it is complex to use as a base station; it is recommended to use the C-RTK 9Ps base station or use it in conjunction with other base stations.

2、Why do you need GPS Haeding?

  • The GPS haeding system can replace the magnetic compass and solve the magnetic compass interference problem caused by the magnetic field generated by the internal circuit of the drone or the external complex magnetic field environment. It can be widely used in unmanned system power inspection, ship take-off and landing, mine inspection and other application scenarios.

3、I only use haeding, do I need an RTK base station?

  • C-RTK2 HP obtains heading data in single-point positioning and RTK state; RTK base station is not required, but RTK base station can be added to obtain accurate centimeter-level positioning.

4、How far apart do the master and slave antennas need to be?

  • There is no mandatory requirement. It is generally recommended that the installation distance be greater than 30cm. The larger the distance, the better the directional stability.

5、Can only one antenna be installed?

  • If you don't need haeding date, you can install only the main antenna (ANT1).

6、C-RTK2 has two antennas, which antenna is the location for positioning?

  • The latitude and longitude reported by C-RTK2 is the positioning data of the main antenna (if no GPS offset is set)

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